Although I am based in Manhattan, my heart has always belonged to the mountains, flowers, and enchanted forests. As a child, I grew up hooked on Grimms’ fairytales and Jack London novels, and my first exposure to “art” was seeing my father doodle absent-mindedly while on business calls (his doodles were actually quite good). From an early age on, I never left the house without my personal trinity of a book to read, paper, and a pen with which to draw.

My parents immigrated to the suburbs of Baltimore from Thailand with just one black Samsonite suitcase, and only a handful of personal relics: a bolt of handwoven ikat fabric that belonged to my grandmother, some intricately carved Buddha amulets, a few letters written in foreign script. For a long time, these were some of the only links I had to my ancestry. With no photos to guide me, my mind was free to imagine the history behind these objects, and what my parents’ lives had been like before moving. My fondness for found objects is directly rooted in this, and I often incorporate bits of antique papers, trims, and other reclaimed materials in my work. It is my way of acknowledging and honoring the past that has brought us here, regardless of whether we know the full story behind it.

My love for outdoor adventure and the natural world are also main sources of inspiration for my personal work. From rock climbing the limestone cliffs of Krabi, to snorkeling with stingrays in Tulum, to kayaking the Hudson River with my husband (scientific artist Jason Brougham), I paint and draw simply to commemorate special places and experiences. In the same way that a single moment can only exist within the greater blanket of time, I enjoy transforming my specific, personal memories into larger, pattern-like compositions — expressions of the singular universal.

I also believe in creating original art that is affordable to the general public, and developed my mini collages for that purpose. They are based on my love for Thai Buddhist amulets (like the ones my parents wear close to their hearts to this day), nicho boxes and milagros, and that feeling you get when you discover a wild orchid or new animal friend deep in the forest. These mini artworks are like little talismans, and often utilize fallen leaves collected from our walks and antique scraps from my personal collection. It warms my heart to share a small piece of me in your homes, and it is an honor to connect with each of you in this way, directly from my hands to yours. This direct connection is in itself a huge inspiration to me, and serves as the basis for my Blog posts and #ourcolorfulmoments series, where I set aside time to draw you and share your words every week.

In addition to creating my personal projects, I also work as a commercial artist in a variety of fields. I am adept with a wide range of media, including acrylic, gouache, watercolor, charcoal, and ink. I also practice everything from printmaking, to sewing and needle arts, to stop-motion animation. My paintings have been commissioned and licensed for display in hotels across the country, and I particularly love working with fine art consultants and interior design studios to provide original custom art packages. I also enjoy creating illustrations for a variety of markets, from social media content, to editorial, book publishing, advertising, textile and surface design, and more. 

Whether your project is large or small, I am committed to getting you what you need, on time and within budget, and communicating clearly with you throughout the process. If you are interested in licensing an existing piece, commissioning new work, or collaborating on a special project, please contact me directly at and I would be delighted to discuss.