As of 2019, I have committed to phasing out my acrylic paints. Instead, I mix my own archival paints using non-toxic, earth-friendly pigments and binders for my own personal painting practice. For commercial projects, I resort to acrylic paints only if needed, and as sparingly as possible. My mixed media originals often incorporate vintage papers and reclaimed materials, and I love scouring flea markets for beautiful old boxes and frames to upcycle. Their history gives them a special charm, and I think refurbishing things is a beautiful habit.

My giclée prints and greeting cards are made with a professional-grade printer that utilizes pigment-based inks to ensure water-resistance, durability and longevity. After many test prints, I settled on a luxuriously thick 300 gsm, 100% cotton, acid-free archival paper — the level of quality is such that it is often difficult to tell the original painting from the print! I take great care in making my fine art reproductions and stationery, and want to ensure that the art looks bright, fresh and new for generations to come. 

I am also conscientious about whom I partner with, and consider the origins and impact of all materials used. All of my business cards are printed on paper that is 100% recycled from cotton tees, the envelopes that come with my stationery are also made from recycled content, as are the mailers in which I ship my prints.

Simply put, I am mindful to do my best in offering art and designs of the highest archival quality, while employing practices that respect our natural world (nature is my main source of inspiration, after all). It’s a work-in-progress, and most certainly not perfect! But I am committed to continually seeking ways to make things better.